IGGI Conference 2018


Unfortunately we don't have enough time at the conference to show you all the great work that IGGI students are doing, so we have a handful of videos here to show you some more of what our students are up to!

Gamifying Mention Detection - Chris Madge

Learn how TileAttack uses Amazon Mechanical Turk to crowdsource text annotation and recruit players for experiments

Shallow Decision-making Analysis in GVGP - Ivan Bravi

Comparing general game-playing AI decision-making: a step forward more understandable AI behaviours.

Measuring the impact of repetition in background soundscapes for digital games - Igor Dall’Avanzi

In this study, runtime generated soundscapes in a video game are perceptually compared to area loops to inform sound design in game audio.

Immersion and how to find it - Andrei Iacob

The talk includes a description of the studies involved, description of the measures tested, brief overview of the results and a discussion of potential industrial applications.